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What Can Overseas Small Businesses Learn From The History Of American Small Business?

Is it surprising that 98% of all businesses registered worldwide are categorized as a small business? The definition of what constitutes a small business may vary from one country to another but the characteristics are the same. In comparison to larger-scale enterprises, small businesses generate smaller revenues, have fewer employees, and operate on a limited scale.


What US Businesses Can Learn From Asian Small Businesses

Since we started Mountaintop Web Design, we have made a conscious effort to seek out the best talent available to help us provide top-notch, world-class services to our clients.
Talent is never the monopoly of one country or one region. In a truly globalized economy and with the scope and reach of the Internet, you can access talent from different parts of the world. Collaborating with people from other nations and cultures has been a rewarding and enriching experience for us.

How To Identify Your Target Market

Identifying your target market is not a one-time thing. You must find ways to stay updated on your market because the key demographics can change abruptly and without warning.
If you ignore the “warning signs” and maintain your current practices and policies, the content you produce will be rendered ineffective and obsolete.


How To Use Facebook Messenger To Grow Your Business

Have you received a message through Facebook Messenger from an FB Business Page that you follow? And if so, how did you feel and react when you received the message? Chances are you read the message through. After all, why would you follow a Facebook Business page if you weren’t interested in what they were offering?

5 Advantages Of Managed WordPress Hosting For Your Business

Would you trust your Mercedes Benz or BMW to any roadside mechanic or would you rather bring it to a repair shop that specializes in those brands of automobiles? Your website is like a car – used properly it will help drive your business forward. Unlike a car that depreciates over time, your website will continually add value to your business. Thus, if you want your website to perform optimally, you should have it hosted by a platform that specializes in its system.