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Mountaintop Web Design Named as one of Top Web Designers and Developers in Colorado by Clutch

Our team at Mountaintop Web Design just received some exciting news from Clutch Analyst, Jake Cox! He just called to let us know that internationally renowned B2B rating and review platform, Clutch, named us as one of Colorado’s top agencies for 2020, praising our web design! We value when we’re recognized as a great investment for your business. According to Clutch, amongst all providers in Colorado, we’re consistently one of the best based on Clutch’s research!

4 Design Trends To Boost Conversion

What makes a website successful? What metric determines whether a company’s central online representative does the job it was designed to do?
That’s a surprisingly easy question to answer. A successful website gets the visitor to do what the site owner wants them to do.
This is called “conversion.” The term most typically refers to converting a visitor into a paying customer, but there are other types of conversion as well. For instance, if a website offers a newsletter, a conversion also occurs when a visitor subscribes to the mailing list.


What Is A/B Email Testing And Why Is It Important For Marketers?

Email marketing has been proven an effective online process and should be a mainstay in your digital marketing toolbox. Like a pot of brewed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, you can mess it up if you don’t perform A/B Email Testing.
All of the hard work and time spent generating those valuable leads will go to waste if your email marketing campaign has no direction. A/B Email Testing will ensure your campaigns are targeted with laser precision and all resources are maximized.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO may sound like a complicated topic. To a degree, it is because Technical SEO involves the development of your website. However, it’s important to understand and learn its basics so that you’ll know there are other ways to improve your website’s search rankings in addition to basic SEO.


How Often Should You Backup Your WordPress Website?

When you have a WordPress website for your business, it’s easy to fall into complacency. After all, a WordPress website can do everything for your business. WordPress has the best Content Management System (CMS) to help build your brand. You might have chatbots or an outsourced remote team to manage customer service. Your e-commerce portal assures you that the cash registers can ring 24/7 and a database that collects valuable customer information.


How To Create Content For SEO

If you ask 2 different writers about how to create content for SEO, you will get 2 different answers. Ask a few more content writers and you’ll likely get variations of how to create SEO content.
Why are there so many different approaches to SEO? Copyblogger described SEO as quite possibly the most misunderstood concept of Digital Marketing. The reason for this is that SEO has exploded in popularity in the past few years.


10 Must-Have Tools For SEO Content Writers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has continued to gain popularity over the years because it helps businesses maximize the returns on their digital marketing investment. SEO has become the difference-maker for content writers.
Writing online content means writing for your customers. For your efforts to yield results, your content must be searchable on the Internet.
As most entrepreneurs have learned, being an expert in your field is not enough to ensure your website’s ranking in the search results. For your valuable information to be found, it must be optimized.