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10 Must-Have Tools For SEO Content Writers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has continued to gain popularity over the years because it helps businesses maximize the returns on their digital marketing investment. SEO has become the difference-maker for content writers.
Writing online content means writing for your customers. For your efforts to yield results, your content must be searchable on the Internet.
As most entrepreneurs have learned, being an expert in your field is not enough to ensure your website’s ranking in the search results. For your valuable information to be found, it must be optimized.


Google Analytics For Intermediates

We all know that digital marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing. Digital marketing is more efficient; online-based marketing strategies have a wider reach and scope compared to traditional marketing strategies. Online content can be reused and repurposed making it more sustainable than flyers, newspaper ads, and streamers. Perhaps the biggest advantage of digital over old school traditional methods is that having a website as the centerpiece of your marketing strategy allows you to track performance in real-time via Google Analytics.

5 Reasons That Prove Now Is The Best Time To Become An Entrepreneur

As the world prepares to face life under the “New Normal”, our news feed is packed with stories of companies closing down or streamlining costs by laying off their employees. And the number of people who lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic is quite staggering.
In the month of April alone, 20 million Americans were laid off. The U.S. unemployment rate hit 14.4%; the highest level since the Great Depression.


5 Practical Ways To Manage Top Talent In Your Company

Good people are hard to come by. In a competitive industry, once you find top talent, you must do what you can to retain them. Otherwise, they will leave and potentially end up with your competitor.
Retaining top talent not only helps you consistently deliver results and maintain the quality of output but it also lowers the cost of employee turnover which is estimated at 2.5 times the cost of an employee’s salary.

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8 Ways To Fix Cart Abandonment Problems

If you’re a retailer, shifting to or integrating an online business model such as setting up an e-commerce website is a smart move. Consumers are increasingly becoming more dependent on mobile technology to fulfill their everyday needs.
From US $2.3 Trillion to US $3.5 Trillion global sales, e-commerce is projected to hit US $6.5 Trillion in 2023. In the United States, e-commerce accounts for 10% of total sales in retail.
What this means is that e-commerce is still a growing industry!

Why You Need Wordfence For Your WordPress Website

The number of cyber-attacks continues to increase every year. According to a study by Accenture, security breaches have increased by 67% since 2014. Meanwhile, another study from the University of Maryland revealed that hackers attack every 39 seconds.
Cybercrime has become a lucrative “profession” with the industry estimated to have earned US $1.5 Trillion in profits.