About Us

Mountaintop Web Design is a global company that provides online solutions to all types of businesses regardless of size and industry. We offer professional web design and consulting services at highly competitive and very reasonable prices.

Why Mountaintop Web Design?

Hello! My name is Josiah Bussing. I started Mountaintop Web Design in 2013 to help businesses find the best option for owning a quality website. In today’s Internet- driven economy, you simply cannot do business without a website.

Not just any website mind you, but one that can get the job done for your business and customers.

Many businesses hesitate to invest in a website because they are afraid of the costs of hosting, maintaining and constantly updating its content.

As an entrepreneur, I understand all of these concerns. I have been through them myself!

At Mountaintop, we take pride in giving our clients the best value for their money. Not only do we design functional and aesthetically amazing websites, but we help clients save money in managing them.

We’ve saved clients thousands of dollars in web hosting services alone. You could be one of them!

I’m sure you have heard of WordPress.

It is the most popular platform to build websites. It is highly customizable with thousands of plug-ins available we can use to constantly upgrade your website. Roughly 27% of all websites in the world use WordPress.

And we are experts in WordPress!

And we did not stop there.

Here’s a partial list of the programs we can use to design websites:

  • Joomla
  • Wix
  • Drupal
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Based on my professional experience and from industry reviews, these are the best programs for web development. These programs allow us to work on HTML/CSS websites more efficiently.

Our experience and expertise in web design in combination with our knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), hosting, domain registration and other aspects in web development has allowed us to consistently meet our clients’ needs.


Finally you may be asking “Why choose the name ‘Mountaintop’ for a web design company?

I live in Colorado which is home to 14,000 peaks.

If you’ve ever gone climbing, you know the exhilaration of finally getting to the top of one of the highest points on earth.

Mountain climbing takes time and effort. In addition to its physical challenges, you have to deal with the forces of nature; forces which you have no control over.

But all of that effort is worth it once you’ve conquered the mountain.

It’s the same philosophy I have on business. I love the feeling of accomplishing what I have set out to do for my clients.

So you can say that “Mountaintop” is a metaphor of how we approach the work we do for our clients.


Given the importance of websites in today’s Internet- driven environment, we are confident our designs can help you overcome challenges so you can get to the top of your industry.


To quote the greatest adventurer of all- time, Sir Edmund Hillary:

“It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”