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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Meta Descriptions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works to have your content more visible and searchable on the Internet. When your SEO efforts yield results that push your website up the search rankings, how do you give the Internet user a final nudge to visit your website?
Meta descriptions are a great way to reel in a potential customer to your website when your URL appears on the search results page. A well-crafted meta description can entice Internet users to visit your website over others – even if they are ranked higher than yours.

Technical SEO Strategy: 7 Important Tips To Implement in 2020

When you hear the term “SEO” chances are the first word that comes to mind is “keywords”. And that’s perfectly alright because the smart use of keywords is an important part of the strategy of getting your website optimized for search engines. People regularly search for content and without high-ranking keywords, your content won’t be found – no matter how well-written it is.
But is the strategic use of keywords the only crucial component of optimizing a website for search? SEO is a process that involves a variety of techniques to make your website more visible on the Internet. These techniques are all related to optimizing content.

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The One Button Your Website Needs

Once you’ve set up a website, the next step is to drive traffic through digital marketing. We can assure you with 100% certainty that a strategic, well-thought-out digital marketing campaign WILL bring people to your website. The bigger problem is when people land on your website, what would you want them to do?
Entrepreneurs are often so focused on blogs, videos, and images as the primary forms of content that they overlook one essential element of web copy – a button that can deliver the desired results.

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One Simple Hack To Get More Website Engagement

When someone clicks on your URL, he will end up on your website’s Home page. The first 6 seconds after a visitor lands on your Home page is crucial. In that space of time, he will decide on whether to explore your content or click out.
Of course, you want him to stay. The longer the time spent on your website, the better the chances of achieving your goal. He could read your blogs, find out more about your business on the About Us page, or check out the list of products available on your e-commerce portal.

How To Update Plugins In WordPress

WordPress plugins allow you to improve the performance and functionality of your website. As digital technology continues to evolve and as more people rely on the Internet to access information, your website has to keep pace with demand and higher online activity.

This is especially true in the time of the New Normal where businesses have migrated their operations online and people prefer to work from home.

How Do I Know If I Am The Problem With My Marketing?

If you’re having problems getting the desired results from your marketing program and are at a loss at how to fix it or if you’re planning to launch your first marketing campaign – this article is for you!
Let’s start out by saying that your decision to invest in a marketing program is 100% a step in the right direction. You’re much better off than other businesses that have scrapped “marketing” from their budgets.

Mountaintop Web Design Named as one of Top Web Designers and Developers in Colorado by Clutch

Our team at Mountaintop Web Design just received some exciting news from Clutch Analyst, Jake Cox! He just called to let us know that internationally renowned B2B rating and review platform, Clutch, named us as one of Colorado’s top agencies for 2020, praising our web design! We value when we’re recognized as a great investment for your business. According to Clutch, amongst all providers in Colorado, we’re consistently one of the best based on Clutch’s research!

4 Design Trends To Boost Conversion

What makes a website successful? What metric determines whether a company’s central online representative does the job it was designed to do?
That’s a surprisingly easy question to answer. A successful website gets the visitor to do what the site owner wants them to do.
This is called “conversion.” The term most typically refers to converting a visitor into a paying customer, but there are other types of conversion as well. For instance, if a website offers a newsletter, a conversion also occurs when a visitor subscribes to the mailing list.


What Is A/B Email Testing And Why Is It Important For Marketers?

Email marketing has been proven an effective online process and should be a mainstay in your digital marketing toolbox. Like a pot of brewed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, you can mess it up if you don’t perform A/B Email Testing.
All of the hard work and time spent generating those valuable leads will go to waste if your email marketing campaign has no direction. A/B Email Testing will ensure your campaigns are targeted with laser precision and all resources are maximized.