How to Set Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns to Maximize Success

Email Marketing Campaign - how to maximize success

The marketing environment changes every year. New trends and technologies come out that will affect your strategy while consumers adjust to them and tell you which are more effective.

Because the marketing cycle changes, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. You need to adapt quickly and often as you don’t want to miss out on anything that will help your business be more successful and need to keep your audience’s attention. Once one method starts getting poorer results, don’t be afraid to try something new. However, it’s safe to say that email marketing isn’t going anywhere.

You may need to switch some things up, but you’ll find that some aspects of email messages aren’t going anywhere – you’ll just have to tweak them a little bit. Follow this advice to set up your email marketing campaigns in a way that will maximize success.

Speak Directly to Individuals with Personalization

For as long as marketing has been around, marketers have been figuring out ways to make their message resonate with consumers.

In the search to make their appeals more relatable, marketers started segmenting their audience as much as possible.

People with the same interests and ideas usually are drawn to the same areas and activities. This assumption has led to marketers sorting their target audiences according to demographics and psychographics. Creating a targeted audience helps whittle groups down and can make your messages more effective with personalization.

While segmentation still makes consumers feel as though they are one person in a larger group, unique personalization can help you speak directly to each consumer like an individual.

Personalization is also what consumers want: one study showed that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences.

Simple emails recommending products the consumer previously viewed on your website makes the user feel as though you value them as a customer. Recommending new items based on previous purchases provides a more relevant experience.

If you need to be even more effective, another study found that personalized calls to action performed more than 200% better than generic ones.

Consumers are more likely to act on personalized messages, which means it is important for your business to invest in data collection and personalization.

Find the Value in Your Existing Audience

The more that you can expand your email list, the more people that your message will reach.

However, email marketing can also grow your existing audience and keep them engaged. There are a few reasons why you should do this.

Retaining a current customer costs less than acquiring a new one. Invesp, a conversion rate optimization company, found that it can be almost 5 times more expensive to gain a new customer. While it is definitely necessary to continue growing your customer base, this growth is useful if no one becomes a buyer.

Invesp also discovered that existing customers are not only 50% more likely to try new products, but tend to spend up to 31% more than new customers. While you may have convinced a new lead to buy one product, they are less likely to buy multiple products from a company they do not know.  

As new buyers, people don’t trust your brand enough yet. However, your existing customers do because they have before and know what to expect.

Finding ways to engage your existing customers can be more profitable than acquiring new customers.

Fine-Tune Your Messaging with A/B Testing

Do you remember the last time someone said no when you asked them for a favor? Ever ask yourself if they might’ve said yes had you phrased your question a little bit differently?

If you had used A/B testing in this previous conversation, you might know how to best appeal to your friend.

As one of the best web design companies in Denver, we use A/B testing on our website to determine what features and UX customers respond to best.

A/B testing can also be a great way for businesses to try out different versions of an email to see which one receives a better response.

A/B testing involves sending two emails out to two groups of active subscribers to track what changes can be made to your message to make it more effective. The changes should be small so that you know exactly how much change that one edit is responsible for. Try switching up the subject line copy to see if you can improve your open rate or move the location of the call to action to see if it’s more compelling in a different spot.

You can use this method for almost every part of your email. Different subjects, images, paragraphs, and calls to action might make a huge difference. Once you find out which changes work best, you can improve your emails little by little.

Utilize A/B testing to figure out what works best in your marketing strategy. It can be useful to see how people respond to different content and copy.

Find Value in Email Marketing

Because inboxes are constantly flooded with email, you need to set up an email marketing campaign that will stand out from the rest.

Using personalization will make consumers more likely to act on your messages. Engage people as much as possible, especially your existing customers: they’re the most valuable ones you have.

Finally, try out multiple versions of your email with A/B testing and editing it accordingly so you will have the most effective email marketing campaign.

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