LIVSMED, a global pioneer in the medical technology sector with significant operations in South Korea and the United States, encountered hurdles in effectively conveying their brand’s unique value and securing a strong foothold in the American market. Their previous website did not adequately reflect the advanced nature of their work or their status as innovators in medical technology. The company also needed a sophisticated & secure educational platform to support professional development, presenting a multifaceted challenge for their online strategy.

Strategic Approach:

Our partnership kicked off with an in-depth planning phase, aimed at reimagining their website to mirror the cutting-edge nature of their business.

We embarked on a full-scale development of their new online presence, prioritizing a sleek, modern aesthetic that visually represents LIVSMED’s commitment to pioneering medical advancements. Our strategy included comprehensive content planning to ensure the website accurately communicated its mission and showcased its innovative technologies.

Central to our redesign was the creation of a scalable, user-friendly website capable of evolving alongside LIVSMED. This included integrating authentic testimonials from medical professionals to enhance the company’s credibility among the U.S. audience.
Additionally, we developed an education portal to serve as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, incorporating advanced features such as custom video sliders for an enriched user experience.


The overhaul of LIVSMED’s digital presence has markedly elevated its brand, aligning its online image with its innovative values. The revamped site not only captivates visually but also serves as a robust platform for LIVSMED to articulate its technological breakthroughs and value proposition effectively.

The strategic inclusion of professional endorsements and an educational portal has been instrumental in reinforcing LIVSMED’s reputational strength in the U.S. market. The website’s forward-thinking design and enhanced functionality demonstrate the company’s role as a trailblazer in the medical tech industry.

Ongoing Support:

Our commitment to LIVSMED extends beyond the project completion, with ongoing support to ensure their website remains an impactful asset for their business objectives and educational outreach. We are committed to supporting LIVSMED’s expansion and innovation within the global medical technology industry as we continue our collaboration.

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