Lee & James Photography



Lee & James Photography approached us with a significant challenge. They had an existing website hosted on Wix that simply didn’t reflect the caliber of their high-end real estate photography services. The website had lackluster visuals and failed to effectively communicate its brand messaging.

They had already started clarifying their messaging with the StoryBrand framework, emphasizing the importance of clear messaging, but they needed a designer/developer who was not only familiar with the StoryBrand framework but also capable of implementing it seamlessly into their website. Lee & James Photography aimed to enhance their online presence, strengthen their value proposition, and engage potential clients quickly and effectively.

Our Solution:

We joined forces with Lee & James Photography to completely overhaul and changed to redesign their website. The objective was to create a digital space that aligned with their brand messaging and resonated with their target audience.

Our work included:

  • Building a new website with a professional, lightning-fast, and modern design.
  • Developing multiple new pages to showcase their services effectively.
  • Implementing functionality, including before-and-after image displays on service pages.
  • Providing guidance on local SEO strategies to improve online visibility.
  • The focus was on enhancing the value they communicated to potential clients, attracting the right customers, and replacing their outdated website with a modern, SEO-optimized solution.


The results of this transformation have been promising. Lee & James Photography now have a website that effectively communicates their brand messaging and value proposition. It loads quickly, is secure, and is optimized for search engines. Since their launch, they have begun to gain rankings for relevant keywords.


We are proud to have partnered with Lee & James Photography in revitalizing their digital presence. Their new website reflects the excellence of their real estate photography services and positions them for continued success in their industry.

Ongoing Support:

Lee & James Photography made the decision to join our Extreme WordPress Care plan. This tailored plan goes beyond the ordinary, offering continuous monitoring, fine-tuned optimization, and vigilant security management for their online presence. With our ongoing support, Lee & James Photography’s digital platform is fast and secure.

We are honored to have had the privilege of collaborating with Lee & James Photography on this transformative journey!

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