Entitlement and Engineering Solutions (EES), a company providing civil engineering solutions, faced challenges with their outdated website. Their old site lacked a modern design, detailed information on their offerings, and struggled to effectively communicate their range of services. This hindered their ability to attract new clients.

Our Solution:

Our collaborative effort with EES aimed to modernize their website while focusing on enhancing usability and driving sales. Our primary objective was to streamline navigation and improve the overall user experience, making it easy for visitors to access information quickly. By optimizing the user interface, strategically placing calls-to-action, and arranging content thoughtfully, we reduced bounce rates and encouraged longer visits, which resulted in more sales. Furthermore, our content strategy aimed to present EES’s services concisely, reducing decision-making time for potential clients and resulting in quicker conversions. The modern design aligned with EES’s professional image, boosting its credibility and trustworthiness.


The website transformation has been highly successful for EES. The new design and search-optimized content have significantly improved their online presence and client engagement. The website now effectively communicates their range of services, helping them attract more clients. This improved online presence attracted more inquiries, high-quality leads, and substantial sales growth, affirming the value of our collaboration.

Ongoing Support:

To ensure the continued success of its website, EES opted for our ongoing support services, including regular updates, security, and monitoring.

We are grateful to EES for choosing us as their partner in this transformative project and for their professionalism throughout the collaboration.


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