Contracts Co



Contracts Co specializes in assisting clients in securing government contracts. They wanted to launch their online presence with a new website. They wanted a more modern design that looked bold and professional in order to increase sales and brand awareness.

Our Solution:

Our team undertook a comprehensive redesign of Contracts Co’s website, focusing on delivering a more modern and user-friendly design. We streamlined the content, optimized navigation, and implemented a professional yet approachable visual style that accurately represented their expertise.


The revamped website has proven to be highly successful for Contracts Co. The modern design, simple user experience, and streamlined content have significantly enhanced their online presence and reputation. The website now effectively communicates their expertise, attracting more prospects.

Ongoing Support:

In addition to the redesign, Contracts Co also chose to enroll in our Extreme WordPress Care plan, which provides continuous monitoring, optimization, and security management for their website. This ongoing support ensures the sustained performance and security of their digital platform.

We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Contracts Co on this project!

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