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8 Best Time Management Strategies for Life and Work

By definition productivity is the measure of output per unit of input. In relation to business, productivity means accomplishing more with less input. In order to achieve greater productivity, you should emphasize efficiency when managing your business.
The best parameter for efficiency is time. Why? Because you cannot change, control or influence time. There is no technology capable of manipulating time. Whether you like it or not, you will always have 24 hours every day.
Time is the one constant in a list of variable factors that could spell the difference between success and failure for your business.

How to Protect Your Website from Hacker and Spam Attacks

The widespread availability of broadband technology in 2004 changed the face of the website from an online brochure into a profit-generating machine. It allowed businesses to communicate directly with its market, run transactions, build networks, capture and store data. It wasn’t long before websites became targets of hacker and spam attacks that scheme to steal valuable data and monetize them to meet their selfish agenda.

How Can We Help With a Blog

You have to invest time, effort and resources to generate inbound traffic on a consistent basis. Of the strategies you have at your disposal, content writing has been proven to be the most effective. And the cornerstone of an effective content marketing campaign is the blog.
If you have decided to put up a blog, then you’ve come to the right place! We at Mountaintop have helped many entrepreneurs and companies set up their blog and we certainly can help you with yours.

Blogging 101

Blogging is a proven strategy for building your business. It gives you a platform to share your expertise to a targeted audience.
If you are able to consistently provide usable, relevant and accurate information to your readers, in time, you will generate high-volume traffic to your website. But blogging isn’t just any writing activity.
Blogging requires thought, strategy and purpose. So we’ve decided to offer you this free course on the basics of blogging.

Why You Should Have A Blog

Statistically, 77% of Internet users read blogs. It is estimated that people are online 8 hours a day and 23% of time online is spent reading blogs. That’s almost 2 hours a day reading blogs.
Regardless of the type of blog you choose, it can become a powerful driver of business to your website. Blogging is not just an exercise in writing; it is a purposeful, thoughtful and strategic activity that when done with consistency will offer you many amazing benefits.


How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Putting up a website isn’t as simple as setting up a coffee shop, opening the doors and expecting customers to file right in. Almost everyone in the world drinks coffee but just because you’ve set up shop, doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed business. It definitely is a step in the right direction, but you have to put in time, work and resources to gain business. It’s the same with driving traffic to your website. The good news is generating traffic to your website is not as difficult or costly as you might think.

The Basics of SEO

SEO makes it possible for your website to be found by utilizing a combination of techniques so web crawlers can easily find and index your page. Without SEO, your website will be among the guppies in an ocean filled with predators. You’ll be swallowed up and will never make it to the first page of the search rankings.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO Right Now

Today, more than half of the world’s population is online every day. It has become clear that the battlefield for market share has shifted to the Internet. With 91% of Internet users favoring organic search, it is imperative for your business to be found online. If your business was not found online, that is more than half the battle lost. And that is why your business needs SEO right now.

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What Does It Take To Be An Entrepreneur?

There is nothing wrong with dreaming but unless you act upon it, dreams are all you’ll ever have. And that is what makes entrepreneurs special; they work to live their dreams and make it a reality.

An idea is like a seed. It can be planted in your head but unless you nurture it with planning, action, and implementation it will never grow and bear fruit. Do you have what it takes?


SSL: What it is and Why Your Business Needs It

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a method of encrypting communication between computer networks as data travels through the Internet. SSL will assure the recipient that the data came from a verified sender. When you want to buy products from an e-commerce site, you will be asked to provide information to the retailer. The information you send to the retailer may go through a number of servers and networks before finally reaching its destination. It is during this process of transfer that your information is at risk of being intercepted by the bad guys unless it is encrypted.